Trust for Rural Uplift and Community Education


Situated at a distance of 100 km from the district capital of Rahim Yar Khan, the village of Dera Jatta painted a bleak picture of poverty, disease and social apathy despite the relative economic progress that had taken place over the years in the surrounding region.

The Trust for Rural Uplift and Community Education (TRUCE) was established in the year 2000 in response to this dismal state of affairs that that had continued to breed in an environment of illiteracy and ignorance for generations.


We visited the Nafisa Mai School (NMS) in Dera Jatta on Nov. 13 and 14, 2014. It was an eye opener; we could never have imagined that such an elaborate and excellent facility had been established in a remote part of southern Punjab. The facility is far superior than most of the public sector schools in the area and is certainly comparable to the finest private sector schools in major cities. The classrooms, science & computer labs are well appointed; and, the library is well stocked. The teachers seemed very dedicated and efficient while the students seemed very keen to learn and were well mannered. Very clearly, much hard work, attention to detail and dedication has gone into all aspects of establishing and running the school.

The NMS is well on its way in providing life changing quality education in one of the most underprivileged areas of southern Punjab. Through quality education, the NMS is providing opportunities for the people of the area to improve the quality of their lives and for their moral, spiritual & intellectual enlightenment.

Tabassum & Nazim Riaz


Nafisa Mai School lives up to its motto of being “An oasis of literacy in a desert of poverty” . Coming to Dera Jatta has been the most enlightening and inspiring journey of my life. Starting from the photographs in the office, which reconnected the bond and presence of my grandparents and family, to the visit of the school & TRUCE facilities, the experience was out stirring. The efforts of the dream team have been materialized, and what we see is a true model of how education transforms a society. Never for a moment did I feel that I was in a remote village. The school should be an inspiration for everyone No effort is ever in vain. The students, teachers and the facilities and premises all reflect the promise of a prosperous village and nation. May Allah SWT always bless the Team of “NMS”. It is a privilege to be associated with the school.

Dr. Asma Shahid Kazi Asstt Prof. Lahore College for women University


It was indeed a privilege and pleasure to visit the institutions of TRUCE being successfully operated in a remote area like Dera Jatta. Not only did it stimulate our minds but it stirred our souls. I will always look forward to coming back again and it would be an honour if I can facilitate the organization in any way. My heartiest thanks to Madam Shama Usman for giving us the opportunity to visit this esteemed place. Best wishes always.

Dr Fahad Haroon Aziz (Dir Finance and Audit, CDA, Islamabad) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar


The management of TRUCE as well as the faculty of the school are doing a remarkable job. We wish them every success in future as well.

Gul Zamir Hussain (OMG) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar


Being here is a very amazing experience. Yes it was a long journey but believe me trust me its worth. Visiting mud house, Nafisa Mai School & VH are just beyond the expectations. I can only just say please is all mine. Hats off to Shama Ji for doing all these efforts & hospitality. God Bless you man.

Ar. Omer Bin Zia


Highly commendable work. Sitting in Islamabad I could never comprehend what it is all about. The commitments and dedication with which they are pursuing this mission is beyond any words. I only hope there are a few more like them to change the destiny of this nation. My best wishes for the great work and more+more+more success in their noble endeavor. God bless you!

Ar. Suhail Abassi


"Like a beacon in the darkness ... an ocean in the desert ... one does not know how to describe this whole project. It is a tremendous accomplishment, which cannot be commended enough. I pray for its success and am convinced that GOD will always facilitate something like this."

Maj. Gen (retired) Dr. Shuaib Qureshi


What a joy to see so many happy children!

A German saying goes: ‘He who has made many people happy has spent his life well.’ I had seen pictures but now I saw everything with my own eyes. It was great! I am praying for Jatta.

Mrs Jutta Quraishi - Development Consultant


Those who build a home, think of self and family. Those who build a school think of the welfare of the community and the future generations. God loves such men and women, because God wants human beings to live by learning and not merely by instinct like animals. Man becomes God’s best creation because of knowledge. May God shower his choicest blessings on Usman Hameed, Shama Usman and the family. May this school grow and bring happiness and prosperity to the people of the area.

Akram Zaki - former Senator and Secretary-General of Foreign


Establishing Nafisa Mai School had brought about a positive social change in the area. The darkness of ignorance has given way to the light of education and awareness. Thank God our children can now acquire quality education and the womenfolk can learn how to work and add to the family income.

Haji Mushir Ahmed & Mr. GHulam Fareed, Basti Khaeri


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