Visit of Institute of Architects of Pakistan, Karachi Chapter

A group of renowned personnel from Institute of Architect of Pakistan, Karachi Chapter visited TRUCE and other historical places in the area of Bahawalpur and Dera Jatta in December 2011. They appreciated the effort carried out by TRUCE and they took the opportunity to visit other astonishing architectural wonders along the way on their visit.
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Visit from National Institute of Management, Peshawar ( December 2010 )

Senior government officers undertaking the 10th Mid-Career Management Course visited the Nafisa Mai School for a briefing on TRUCE’s current projects and its role in the social uplift of the area. The participants expressed their deep appreciation of TRUCE’s efforts in improving living standards, and commended the Trust for addressing the critical need for education among the rural poor of the area.

Traffic Awareness - Children’s Day (14 November 2010)

SSP Traffic for the Islamabad Motorway Police, visited the Nafisa Mai School campus and delivered an interactive educational talk on traffic rules to the students. The visit built awareness regarding modern means of urban transport and was aimed at inculcating a civic sense among the students.

Flood Relief Operations (August and September 2010)

Flood Relief Operations were pursued by the TRUCE team on 26 August and 27 September 2010. Donors contributed a significant sum of more than Rs 1.5 million which were used to provide dry rations to 800 families in the surrounding areas. The effort was successfully executed in well-organized, all-day events.

Architects Visit Dera Jatta (January 26th – 28th, 2007 )

To celebrate 2007 as the ‘Year of Tourism’, as declared by the Government of Pakistan, a delegation of ten architects from the Institute of Architects Pakistan, Rawalpindi / Islamabad Chapter, were invited to explore the Nafisa Mai School, the Dera Jatta village and nearby landmarks of national cultural importance.

The delegation was accommodated at the Dera Jatta rest house which provides comfortable living quarters and offers all modern amenities. The trip was planned over a stretch of three days during which delegates visited the Vocational Training Institute, the Nafisa Mai School, the historic Uch Sharif and Derawar Fort.

“…we reached the Nafisa Mai School and saw the teachers and students full of dedication to [their] education. It was the dream of Mr. Usman Hameed (late) and Shama Usman which came true in the form of this school, which reflects in the satisfied eyes of Shama and motivated us to do something for this school in any form. May Allah give me strength and power if I could do something and involve myself in such a wonderful cause; I really appreciate the efforts of Shama… [who] travels every month to run this school smoothly – I give Shama the title of “Brave Lady”. May God bless her and others who are involved in running this school. It was a wonderful experience for me and I wish to come again.”
Architect Naveed Aslam

The first batch of 90 students (60 girls and 30 boys) had completed their training in 2006 at the Vocational Training Institute, headed by the Government of Punjab. Delegates learned that skills were imparted over a one-year training period in Commercial Stitching, Commercial Embroidery and Repair of Appliances / Electrical Wiring. Students who qualified for zakat received a stipend of Rs 500 per month from the Ministry of Religious Affairs while students were given Rs 5000 to buy equipment and establish themselves after completion of training.

“Being here is a very amazing experience. It was a long journey but believe me, trust me, it’s worth it; visiting mud houses, Nafisa Mai School and the Vocational Training Institute was just beyond expectations. I can only just say, the pleasure was all mine. Hats off to Shama Ji for undertaking these efforts and her hospitality. God bless....”
Architect Omer bin Zia

The delegates were accompanied by a group of teachers from the Nafisa Mai School to Uch Sharif which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Uch Sharif has a history spanning seven centuries and is famous for the shrines of Sufi (mystic) saints. The trip was extended to Panjnad River and Barrage, which is located at the confluence of the five rivers of the Punjab province. Later in the day, local story-tellers amused the guests with folk tales and legends. The delegation visited the historic Derawar Fort on the final day of the trip.

My first interaction with IAP, Islamabad Chapter, was beyond my expectations; thanks to Shama Ji for this trip. Dera Jatta and Nafisa Mai School, the visit toUch Sharif – all was awesome. And the place where we stayed… read [about] in books… [I was] the lucky one who experienced it… all co-members were very caring, loving, Love you all.
Architect Fareha

Visiting here was one of the best experiences of my life. The hospitality... was really great... the noble cause of “TRUCE” is quite impressive. Experience with the school-children was great. The establishment of a school in such a remote place requires commitment….
Architect Faizan Ahmed

Second Annual Mela – Funfair (November 18, 2006)

TRUCE organised its second annual mela, or funfair, for the students of Nafisa Mai School and the residents of Dera Jatta. Nearly 800 children and familes visited the fair, which lasted the whole day, bringing colour and excitement in the lives of the children and a welcome break for their parents from their daily routine. A grand raffle draw was held along with several shows including a local puppet show, muppet show and magic show, thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike. Food and jewellery stalls were also set up, with economically priced items.

Annual Sports Day (March 2006)

The children of Nafisa Mai School celebrated their first Annual Sports Day with great enthusiasm, fully enjoying their first opportunity to realize their athletic aptitude and engage in healthy competition. Dressed up in their beautiful traditional dresses, students commenced the Day’s activities with a tribal dance accompanied by a dhol wala (drummer). Mr Faisal, an active member of TRUCE, inaugurated the event as Chief Guest after which he was presented with a well-rehearsed guard of honour.

The wonderful arrangement and disciplined performance of the children reflected the enormous amount of hard work, enthusiasm and practice that had been put into the whole event by the teachers as well as the students of the school. Smartly turned out in their crisp, blue and white uniforms, the children displayed an infectious enthusiasm which was reflected in the joy of the parents to see them display their competitive abilities.

Students proceeded to take part in various sports including tug of war, cycle race, potato walk, sack race and musical chairs etc. Races were followed by a football match and physical training exercises. The Day closed with an award ceremony in which the young winners were handed out trophies and prizes to commemorate their first sports achievements.

The administrators were pleased to note the poise and conduct of the children, who had come a long way from when they could only be seen roaming the village, malnourished and poorly clothed. Along with the teachers and the students of the school, the event was made possible through the efforts of Mrs Shama Usman, Managing Trustee and Secretary, Mr Anwar, TRUCE member, and Mrs Mary Ann Anwar, Principal NMS.

First Annual Mela – Funfair (November 11, 2005)

TRUCE held its first mela in November, 2005. The proceedings were donated to Karavan Pakistan for the construction of a house in the earthquake affected area of Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir.