These visionaries who were motivated to change the dismal state of literacy and gender disparities rooted in prevalent tribal and patriarchal structures, decided to join hands to work for the uplift of the target group though the institution of TRUCE are included:

USMAN HAMEED (1941-2005)

TRUCE was the brainchild of Mr Usman Hameed, a businessman and retired officer of the Pakistan Air Force. Having witnessed hardship from close quarters himself in his childhood, he was well acquainted with the vicissitudes of life, and his character personified the resilience that accompanies adversity borne through perseverance. He had the urge to effect change, no matter how modest. Investing his entire savings, Mr Usman Hameed founded TRUCE to translate his dream into a living project to improve the lot of disadvantaged communities. He interacted directly with the people to drive home the importance of educating their children, and the damage inflicted by lost opportunities. For community elders, TRUCE became the light at the end of a dark tunnel of ignorance that had haunted them for generations.

Mr Usman Hameed passed away in March 2005, but his fond memories will continue to imbibe TRUCE members with the same spirit and strength to drive forward his legacy. God-willing, TRUCE will continue to work not only for the betterment of the people of Dera Jatta, but also to fulfill its responsibility towards a bright future for the children of this nation.

AFTAB SAEED KHAN (1921-2006)

An engineer by profession, Mr Aftab Saeed Khan was the epitome of simple living and elevated thinking. A man of excellence who set standards in his profession and personal attributes, he contributed immensely as Patron-in-Chief of TRUCE with extraordinary fervor and pragmatism. Despite his frail health, he was passionate about improving the area around Dera Jatta and worked actively towards this objective. Mr Aftab Saeed Khan passed away in 2006, but continues to be remembered with reverent affection by the people of Dera Jatta.


Ms Ismat Khalid, a botanist by profession, serves as the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. She has a keen awareness of the needs of children faced with physical and mental challenges, and is trained to educate special children. Her patience, perseverance and kindness in her personal interactions with community members, have helped foster trust and respect for TRUCE’s mission, encouraging their favourable participation in development activities. As a founder member of TRUCE, Ms Ismat Khalid also voluntarily contributed two acres of land for the school campus.


Ms Shama Usman, the Managing Trustee and Secretary of TRUCE, is an architect by profession. Architecture, for her, has always been more about people, places and cultures, and she always harboured the desire to improve the dismal living conditions and abject poverty of rural communities in Pakistan. Ms Shama Usman designed and personally supervised the construction of the Nafisa Mai School campus. It stands out as a modern structure among the rural landscape of the Dera Jetta village. As a founder member, Ms Shama Usman also voluntarily contributed two acres of land for the school campus.


Ms Shaheena Khan has undertaken social work as her mission in life. She set up the Women Aid Trust, an NGO working for the rehabilitation and rights of women and juvenile prisoners. Ms Shaheena Khan studied architecture for three(3) years at the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. With her extensive experience of working with underprivileged women at the grassroots level, she was instrumental in founding TRUCE.


Ms Nuzhat Khan joined the core team in the formative stages of the establishment of the Trust. A public health specialist and development consultant, she played a pivotal role in strengthening the foundation of the organization by conducting a need assessment survey, structured brainstorming exercises and documentation of outputs to set project parameters besides defining the scope of its work. She also guided and assisted the organization’s management towards the formal registration of TRUCE to facilitate the execution of its operations according to democratic traditions and professional standards of administration.