"Like a beacon in the darkness ... an ocean in the desert ... one does not know how to describe this whole project. It is a tremendous accomplishment, which can not be commended enough. I pray for its success and am convinced that GOD will always facilitate something like this."
Maj. Gen (retired) Dr. Shuaib Qureshi

Those who build a home, think of self and family. Those who build a school think of the welfare of the community and the future generations. God loves such men and women, because God wants human beings to live by learning and not merely by instinct like animals. Man becomes God’s best creation because of knowledge. May God shower his choicest blessings on Usman Hameed, Shama Usman and the family. May this school grow and bring happiness and prosperity to the people of the area.
Akram Zaki - former Senator and Secretary-General of Foreign

The whole community . . . feels indebted to TRUCE . . . . we feel that there should be more institutions like Truce to help the poor.
Mr. Mohammad Anwar, Mr. Mohummed Rafiq Shah, Mr. Fazli Hussan, Mr. Muhammed Aslam. Ali Khan Petroleum Service, Khan Bela

It is really very encouraging that poor people and their children are getting basic health facilities and education…. This whole setup is like a ray of hope…. It is education which plays a pivotal role in the upbringing of a Nation... I hope that this institution will arise as a symbol and beacon for the area in the future.
Rizwan Manzoor - PSP, 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

It was a pleasure for me to visit this school situated in such a remote and deprived area.
Naseem Abbasi (Section Officer EAD) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

Most of us can speak a lot but very few of us can act with dedication. Very impressive and encouraging.
Raja Habibullah Shahid (OMG) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

A valuable and impressive experience indeed. Thank you for sharing your dream with us.
Saulat Saqib (DMG) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

I found NMS and Yasmin Health Care Center well updated. The students have full confidence. They are loyal to their studies and institution.
Khalid Mahmood Khan (Section Officer, OMG) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

An experience which is and always will be very difficult to narrate in words as feelings require vocabulary of souls. I was emotionally touched by the warmth and innocence and purity of the angels of NMS. The way these little angels welcomed me and my colleagues in their paradise. A paradise which has given them security, education, character building, but above all the environment to explore and own themselves. The founders of TRUCE are their real heroes. I feel honoured as I know one of them; Shama has worked so dedicatedly for this noble cause. This hero has provided these angels ‘light in the dark’. You have lit their paradise and inshaaAllah Allah will bless you for it. Keep it up.
Architect Kabeer Malik

"Since the day Nafisa Mai School was established here, the young children have started getting good free education. They also get their uniform and books free of cost, and also get their lunch. Two teachers from the area teach there. There is no other institution that works here with such a selfless spirit. We wish and pray for its success."
Mr. Mehar Wahid Baksh & Mr. Muhammed Shahid, Basti Ahura

Establishing Nafisa Mai School had brought about a positive social change in the area. The darkness of ignorance has given way to the light of education and awareness. Thank God our children can now acquire quality education and the womenfolk can learn how to work and add to the family income.
Haji Mushir Ahmed & Mr. GHulam Fareed, Basti Khaeri

What a joy to see so many happy children!
A German saying goes: ‘He who has made many people happy has spent his life well.’
I had seen pictures but now I saw everything with my own eyes. It was great! I am praying for Jatta.

Mrs Jutta Quraishi - Development Consultant

The management of TRUCE as well as the faculty of the school are doing a remarkable job. We wish them every success in future as well.
Gul Zamir Hussain (OMG) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

It was indeed a privilege and pleasure to visit the institutions of TRUCE being successfully operated in a remote area like Dera Jatta. Not only did it stimulate our minds but it stirred our souls. I will always look forward to coming back again and it would be an honour if I can facilitate the organization in any way. My heartiest thanks to Madam Shama Usman for giving us the opportunity to visit this esteemed place. Best wishes always.
Dr Fahad Haroon Aziz (Dir Finance and Audit, CDA, Islamabad) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

Visit to Nafisa Mai School brought me back to my childhood and the time when I used to get my education sitting on ‘Taats’ [straw mats]. The IT lab and multimedia technology, apart from others, will, inshaaAllah, create self-confidence in the students which is the launching pad for progress and uplift in their life to come. I think, if this school creates confidence and self-integration in the students besides [imparting] education, it would be a great contribution to them. I wish continuous success for TRUCE!
Naveed Ashraf (Section Officer, OMG) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

…an eye-opener…. Incredible experience and efforts.
Asim Lodhi (NAB) - 10th MCMC, NIM, Peshawar

Visiting Nafisa Mai School at Dera Jatta (a remote place about 110 km away from Bahawalpur) was a wonderful experience. Established and built with dedication, conviction and profound devotion, this school will certainly transform the socio-economic status of the people living in this area. The twinkling stars in the eyes of the young students are reflective of the promise the future holds for them. TRUCE and its mentor, Arch. Shama Usman’s efforts for establishing this institution are commendable; we pray to Allah the Almighty for success in their efforts and the realization of their dreams, which they have seen for the children of the area.
Architect Salman Mansoor (Chairman IAP) - Rawalpindi / Islamabad Chapter, 2006 – 07