The TRUCE Sponsor a Child Programme aims to bring about a sustainable positive change in rural communities through education and skill development of underprivileged children. The funds received under this programme are dedicated towards the education and health of the sponsored child.

Upon admission to the Nafisa Mai School, TRUCE caters to all essential needs of its students while the child continues to live his or her family.

The child’s individual health status is duly documented, while the provision of appropriate clothing, footwear, course books, stationery and supplementary nutritional meals are ensured by the School.

The following table provides a broad breakup of the costs per child:

Upon enrollment into the programme, TRUCE will provide a photograph along with a brief description of the child for the Sponsor. TRUCE will also establish a channel of communication with you, the Sponsor, arranging for the child to write to you, and will send two school assignments on an annual basis so you can review the child’s progress.

TRUCE will periodically apprise Donors and Sponsors about the material difference made by their contributions through pictures and reports on management of the dedicated funds.

We welcome visits from interested Donors and Sponsors, and are pleased to offer further information on enquiry.

For transfer of funds

Beneficiary: Trust for Rural Uplift and Community Education (TRUCE)
Account No: 01038061 Bank: United Bank Limited (0593)
Address: Civic Centre, G-6, Islamabad, Pakistan
Routing No: UNILPKKA-741
Interbank Transfer Online : 0593059301038061

Other Information

National Tax Number (NTN): 2690689 – 9
Auditors: M/s Horwat Hussain Choudhry & Co.
Website: www.trucedj.org.pk - email:trucedj@gmail.com
Tax Exemption: Under Section 2 (36) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001
TRUCE can provide a tax exemption certificate to donors if required.