The Vocational Training Institute, under the auspices of the Punjab Vocational Training Council * was initially established at Khan Bela, located at a distance of two kilometers from the village of Dera Jatta. However, considering the multifarious advantages of such training to the target community, TRUCE provided premises for the Institute to be set up on the first floor of the Nafisa Mai School.

Training initiated in July 2005, and was imparted in Commercial Embroidery, Commercial Stitching and Electrical Wiring / Repair of Appliances. The acquired skills greatly assisted the community members to augment their income and earn a respectable living for better upkeep of their families. Trainees who qualified for zakat received a monthly stipend of Rs 500 from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, while those who completed training were given Rs 5000 to buy equipment and employ themselves. Till date, 450 individuals benefited from this programme.

However, despite the benefit to the local people, the Institute ceased operations from 2010 due to financial constraints of the Government of Punjab.

*The Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) was created by the Government of Punjab PVTC Act 1998, and is one of the major initiatives undertaken for Vocational Training and Poverty Alleviation in the province. 137 VTIs have imparted skills to more than 25,000 trainees in 40 demand-driven trades.

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150 Commercial Stiching Grils 150 Commercial Emboridery Girls 150 Electrical Appliances Boys There are 450 people benefited from our Vocation Training Institute Karkhana